Mancal Coal Inc. holds over 2 billion tonnes of undeveloped coal resources. The majority of this coal resulted from the residual undeveloped coal reserves after the divestment of Manalta Coal, who together with its predecessor companies played a leading role in the development of coal mining in Alberta and Saskatchewan for over 80 years.

Mancal Coal's predecessor was awarded the mining contract at the Utility mine to supply the Boundary Dam Generation Station located near Estevan by Saskatchewan Power Corporation in 1956. At the time, it was the largest coal mining contract ever tendered in Canada. Today, Mancal Coal Inc. continues to play a role in producing coal to provide a component of the energy mix in the Estevan area.

Through the advancement of several projects, the vast resource base continues to move towards development. This broad and diverse portfolio of holdings encompasses all aspects of the coal market from metallurgical through to lignite properties. Although the arrays of projects are at different stages, with continued investment several have undergone extensive work to defined reserves. As we advance the portfolio Mancal will continue to actively evaluate opportunities for coal mine development.

Mancal Coal Inc. has a strong interest in new, cleaner technologies and is supportive of a number of research initiatives. Mancal believes that through the application of new technologies, a large amount of its resources can be brought to market.

Corporate culture is retained through the continued employment of key individuals with coal experience and the guidance of Board Members whom also have extensive coal experience and history. Mancal Coal has a strong capital base, enormous reserves, and a successful history which ensures it will have a strong future.


Steve F. Feick

Mr. Feick joined the Mancal Group as Vice President, Special Projects in November 2011 and was promoted to President in January 2015. He brings to the group over 20 years of business experience, previously as President & CEO at GRAF Canada Ltd. From 1998 to 2011 Mr. Feick held several positions at GRAF Canada including Vice-President, Product Development & Manufacturing and Executive Vice-President. Prior to this he was Vice President, Operations at Igwana Industries Inc. He graduated in 1995 from Queens University with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering.

Mr. Feick is a member of the Board of the Coal Association of Canada as well as the Management Advisory Board of the Canadian Center for Clean Coal Carbon and Mineral Processing Technologies (C5MPT) at the University of Alberta.


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