Established over a century ago by determined, ambitious and visionary pioneers, The Loram Group of Companies significantly contributed to the foundation and development of Western Canada. Known as the “Outfit”, the newly formed company established roots in the heavy construction industry in 1898. With precision, dedication, and drive to move the company forward, the Outfit ventured into the coal mining industry, oil and gas exploration, oil and gas transportation, mineral exploration and mining, building construction, import/export, real estate development, railway maintenance as well as venture capital and merchant banking. With a century of successful undertakings, the Group became adept at establishing a significant presence in every industry it pursued. Successes in Manalta Coal Ltd., once Canada’s largest coal producer, and Pembina Corporation, are examples of The Loram Group’s effectiveness in developing and financing business opportunities, acquisitions, and partnerships for strategic advantage.

With the decision to monetize a vast number of its assets in 1997, The Loram Group provided the legacy for The Mancal Group. Today, Mancal continues to build on the Loram success story.

With our team of talented staff, we are continuing, as modern-day pioneers, to be leaders in our industries. The world is changing and so are our businesses. We are taking intentional steps towards being sustainable, efficient and opportunistic with a continued focus on building a prosperous future for generations of employees and family shareholders to come.
The Mancal Group
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