When you join the Mancal Group you quickly realize that people do matter. Collaboration, sharing ideas and thinking outside the box are encouraged and rewarded. By joining Mancal, staff have an opportunity to grow and positively impact the organization. We have a long history in business and you have an opportunity to be part of the narrative of the future.

Mancal is committed to providing a culture of inclusivity and empowerment by encouraging a positive culture where all employees are engaged, valued and challenged. We are dedicated to provide meaningful employment to staff where all employees are treated fairly and with respect. Additionally, innovation and creativity are encouraged, and entrepreneurial excellence is rewarded. Our relationships with staff, contractors and partners are important to us, and we act and treat everyone with integrity and respect. The Company believes in compensating fairly and providing a safe and healthy work environment. Through our recruitment process and beyond, we strive to attract, retain and develop talented and enthusiastic people. Looking forward our organization was built through hard work, honest leadership with strong ethics and on a foundation of environmental and social responsibility. We are proud of where we came from and we are excited for what is yet to come.

The Mancal Group has the following position open for application (click the link below to view an extended job description.)

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