The Mancal Group

manvest inc.
Steve F. Feick

Mr. Feick leads the Manvest Inc. team at Mancal Group. He has a broad mandate as a private capital investor in opportunities that provide diversity, foster innovation, growth and long-term value to the Mancal Group. Mr. Feick has grown and managed the investment team with a portfolio of investments in agriculture, insurance, finance, clean energy and data analytics.

Since 2011 Mr. Feick has held various positions within the Mancal Group including Vice President, Special Projects and President, Mancal Coal Inc. Before joining Mancal Mr. Feick was involved in starting and growing several businesses in the sporting goods manufacturing industry. He was the President & CEO at GRAF Canada Ltd., a leading manufacturer and marketer of high-end skating and sporting goods products that had a successful exit to a large Canadian private equity firm. Mr. Feick serves on the board of directors of Sulvaris Inc., Nautilus Data Technologies, Eau Claire Distillery, Fillip Fleet Inc. and 4iiii
 Innovations Inc.

Mr. Feick has a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Queen’s University.


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